How it Works

Redeem your collected points for any of these gift cards instantly!

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Purchase Robus products

Step one

Purchase ROBUS products from any electrical wholesaler to start earning your points. Point values differ across the range of ROBUS products and remember to look out for special in-store promotions on ROBUS products for the chance to earn BONUS points!
Robus invoice and points

Step two

Head over to ROBUS GO and upload a copy of your tax invoice or receipt to collect the points on your purchases. Points are then added to your ROBUS GO account within 7 days.
Robus gift card

Step three

Redeem points for gift cards which are emailed to you immediately! Gift card values are available from $10.00 right up to $500.00.

Robus points and voucher samples

Your ROBUS voucher will be emailed to you instantly which you can then exchange for any of the above gift cards (plus more!) with one click. Your chosen gift card will be emailed to you straight away

User Tier Base Points Total Points required to gain Tier Status per annum Total Points required to maintain Tier Status per annum
Bronze 1.00 - -
Silver 1.66 5,000 4,000
Gold 2.33 10,000 7,000